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Knowledge and Business Solution Box

Grab these Knowledge and Business Solution Kits, Products and Services if you want to step ahead of your Competitors. We offer both training and services on the following: Digital Marketing –  N5, 000 as service charge. Visit for more info. Blog Design (Any Type) – N10, 000 as service charge. Standard Website Design for Start-ups – […]



Differences Between SPSS vs Stata SPSS abbreviated as Statistical Package for Social Sciences was developed by IBM, an American multinational corporation in the year 1968. SPSS is a statistics software package which is mostly used for interactive statistical analysis in the form of batches. SPSS has licensed software which can be used as trial ware or […]


What is Business Data Analysis?

Business data analysis includes the activities to help managers make strategic decisions, achieve major goals and solve complex problems, by collecting, analyzing and reporting the most useful information relevant to managers’ needs. Information could be about the causes of the current situation, the most likely trends to occur, and what should be done as a […]