Research & Data Analysis

Do you want to understand your project, business, customers, market and competitors better? To see where the biggest opportunities for growth and success lie? Capitalize on data assets that you already own? You can do all of these things with the right insights, analyzed by data experts with a flair for innovative thinking. We help students and organizations make smart data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information.

Our Research and Data Analysis Services are classified into four (4) major areas which include Academic Research, Market Research, Financial Research and Business Analytics.


Academic Research & Analysis

  • Regression Analysis (All Kinds)
  • Correlation Test
  • Granger Causality Test
  • Unit Root Test
  • Cointegration Test
  • 2 Stage Least Square Test
  • 3 Stage Least Square Test
  • SUR Model Test
  • Error Correction Model (ECM)
  • Linear Panel Data
  • Probit and Logistics Regression
  • Factor Analysis
  • Chi-Square and T – Test
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Non-Parametric Tests
  • Wilcoxon-Mann Whitney Test, Fisher’s Exact Test, Kruskal Walis Test & Mc Nemar Test
  • ANOVA and MANOVA Test
  • Questionaire Analysis
  • Interpretation of Results, etc.

Market Research

  • Data Analysis
  • Brand Research
  • Web Survey Analysis
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Industry Reports
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Primary Market Research
  • Market Sizing Research
  • Product Research
  • Market Entry Strategy Consulting
  • SWOT Analysis for Business
  • Market Trend Reports
  • Advertising Reports
  • Legal and Regulatory Reports
  • Risk Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Restaurant Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence Research and Analysis
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Agriculture Market Research
  • Real Estate Market Research
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Fabric Market Research

Financial Research

  • Investment Research
  • Credit Research
  • Equity Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Advisory
  • Fixed Income Research
  • Asset Management Support
  • Corporate Finance Support
  • Investment Banking Support
  • Investment Memorandum Consultants
  • Buy Side Research
  • Sell Side Research
  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Investor Relations Reports
  • Insurance Research
  • Structured Finance Reports
  • Forex Market Research
  • Microeconomics Reports
  • Macroeconomics Reports
  • Commodities and Real Estate Reports
  • Data Visualization

Business Analytics

  • Retail Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Collections Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Survey Analytics
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Text Analytics

We have experience and expertise using a wide range of softwares, including:

  • SPSS
  • Advanced Excel
  • eViews
  • Power BI
  • Stata
  • Tableau Public
  • NVivo
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Matlab
We are being established with an outlook of providing high quality statistical and econometrics services to a wide range of industry sectors including Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, cosmetics and beauty, Sensory, Consumer Analysis, banking and financial services, utilities, energy, insurance, retail and consumer packaged goods, consulting, professional firms, travel and leisure. Our statisticians and programmers have built a reputation for excellence by being responsive and collaborative, producing quality deliverables, and maintaining the highest level of scientific integrity.

In addition, we also offer solutions to marketers, business consultants and academics for enhancing strategic decision making. We assist you in planning cost-effective survey, product portfolio analysis, differentiate between bad and good forecasts, strategy setting and mapping markets for positioning of products. Based on our vast experience spanning over 7 years, we have been able to deliver services that are accurate, concise and extremely intrinsic to overall business and academic objectives. We have Professional Writers that can make your research work more meaningful. You can click here to take advantage of our training courses on both public and private/one-on-one arrangement basis.



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