Analytics.NG is A Certified Data Analytics and Research firm, powered by E-Franky Global Services Limited since 2012. As Data Scientists, Research and Business Intelligence Professionals, we provide clients with in-depth analytics for advancement, both in academics and business settings. Our vision is to become the largest trusted data science corporation where people get impartial solutions to difficult questions dependent on data and analysis, not only in Nigeria but in Africa.

Our Products and Services include Academic Research, Economic Research, Surveys, Opinion Polls, Market Evaluation, Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, Consumer Analysis, General Field Services, Data Analysis for Academic Projects and Thesis (Undergraduates, PGD, Masters & PhD Students).  Our prospects include, but not limited to Researchers, Students, Academic Institutions, NGOs, Government, Corporate Organisations, Agencies and Companies across Nigeria. We provide end-to-end solution for all your research, projects and analytical needs.

At Analytics.NG, we also facilitate quality data science education by championing training opportunities on data science courses and analytical tools. The level of excellence and recognition we have achieved through our various products and services over the years, now places us as one of the best Data Analytics and Research Company in Nigeria.