Monitoring & Evaluation


E-Franky helps organizations assess and manage performances so the right improvements can be made. You can think of M&E as being fairly synonymous with performance management. While it can be used in any number of organizations, monitoring and evaluation systems are often used to assist both national and international development.

We help firms, government agencies and organizations—like nonprofits and NGOs—ensure that their programs are effective. We weigh donations and funding against various factors to assess their success, so funding can be adjusted as necessary and the strategies can be improved upon. We support partners to evaluate and communicate impact in increasingly complex programme contexts, providing efficient and effective cross-cutting monitoring, evaluation and research services. The level of excellence and recognition we have achieved through our various products over the years, now places us as one of the Best Data Analytics and Research Company in the Industry.

Our technical expertise includes real-time continuous monitoring and reviews, operational research and evaluation before, during, and after project completion, capacity development, evidence uptake, innovation and technology use, better data utilisation, knowledge management and communications. You can click here to take advantage of our training courses on both public and private arrangement basis. Click here if you have need to hire A Writer.

Our M & E Job Functions include the following:

a)   Conducting evaluations

b)   Evaluation Audits

c)    Development, Set-Up and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation System

d)    Project Audits

e)    Monitoring and Evaluation System Audits

f)    Project Data Quality Assessments

g)   Special Projects

h)   Capacity Building

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