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If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. –Ralph Waldo Emerson.




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Grab this E-Book Pack Titled: Knowledge in A Box. It contains 101 Powerful E-Books by Powerful Renowned Authors that will change your life forever. All at N5,000 or $15 only. Order now!


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HOW IT WORKS (Step-by-Step Guide) E-Books on ICT

  1. A – Z of Mini Importation (Step-By-Step Practical Approach) – Everything you need to know about Mini-Importation and how to get started
  2. How to set up Drupal Commerce
  3. Understanding How Drupal Commerce works
  4. How to build/manage E-commerce/ Online shops websites
  5. How to design school online portal websites
  6. How to design MLM websites
  7. Site building with Drupal commerce
  8. How to design all kinds of website
  9. How to promote ideas/business using internet marketing strategy
  10.  197 Hot business opportunities for Nigerian
  11. How to design graphics using Corel Draw
  12. How to promote business/ideas using Google Ad words
  13. How to design websites using Dreamweaver
  14. How to design websites using JOOMLA
  15. How to design websites using XTML. CSS JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL. XML, JSON, AJAX, QUERY, HTML, CSS3, etc. (Practical/Step-By-Step Guide available on E-Books and Videos. You can teach yourself conveniently with these E-Books and Videos)
  16. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Tutorial and practical guide
  17. A sure fire way to multiply your income online (Easy List)
  18. How to turn ideas into products (Digital Product Creation)
  19. How to make money with I-phone Application
  20. How to set-up you blog for long term success (Profitable blogging)
  21. 17 simple but effective email marketing tweaks
  22. Marketing strategies (Top 1500 secrets)
  23. Affiliate Partner (Success Secrets) Discovered – How you can make an awesome living selling other peoples product without having to create them or offer customer support.
  24. Affiliate success strategies (Proven method for your success)
  25. Article Marketing Secrets
  26. Blogging 101 (Blogging your way to profit)
  27. Quick and Easy ways to boost your Business Profits (Discover simple methods and tweaks that you or anyone can make and Sky rocket your profits drastically)
  28. Cake Decorating (How to go from a beginner to expert)
  29. Canvas Painting 101 (beginners guide to canvas painting)
  30. A guide to master chess and checker
  31. Car Care E-book
  32. Computer programming 101 (The beginners starting guide)
  33. Copy-writing Basics (your Guide to copy writing for the web)
  34. Doing business with PayPal (How to protect yourself from your online Bank)
  35. The E  Entrepreneur success mind-set (Unearth the minds of successful internet entrepreneurs from around the planets)
  36. E-mail marketing 101 (developing and managing your e-zine)
  37. The game of golf (Everything you need to know)
  38. Golf Basics (For Newbies)  Discover the powerful and secret techniques that is used by the pro Golfer to super charge their swinging technique on the green comfortably.
  39. Graphic Design for beginners
  40. HTML skills guide
  41. Opt-In List Building (Driving Traffic back to your site)
  42. Partnering with the Big Dogs (Proven Tactic for getting top joint ventures partners to promote for you)
  43. Writing Articles that sell
  44. The social book marking (Quick start guide)
  45. Viral Traffic Generation (21 ways to flood your site in traffic)
  46. PLR Mastery for Internet Marketers
  47. Super Affiliate Marketing wizards (The ultimate guide to earning a comfortable living from selling products that you dont even have to create)
  48. Viral traffic  strategies (Massive Traffic on Auto Pilot)
  49. Your Affiliate force (Learn how to Build your own Army of Affiliates that will Build your business  24/7)
  50. A-Z of car trafficking (How to install car trafficker and operate it)
  51. How to configure free browsing
  52. How to create a virus on your computer and destroy the system
  53. How to use a master password to protect stored logins and password on Mozilla Firefox
  54. How to export cassava, ginger and bitter cola to any foreign countries and make your dollars within 30 days
  55. How to open a blog account and monetize it
  56. How to watch DSTV on your phone using Etisalat sim card
  57. How to unlock any HUAWIFI Internet Modem yourself
  58. Fast selling product in Nigeria that you can import from china
  59. Industrial production Kit (Pomade production, hair cream Balm, Detergent, liquid soap car wash, Germicide (Izal) Disinfectant (Dettol), Methylated spirit solid soap production (Laundry, toilet, Antiseptic or medicated soap)< Methylated spirit, GV Production, Insecticide. Air freshener, Bleach)
  60. Recharge card production
  61. How to convert your car/truck to use water and fuel, to double, even triple your mileage
  62. Forex training secrets exposed (How forex trading works)
  63. How to Build/set  up bulk SMS website
  64. How to install solar and inverter to generate electricity
  65. How to install DSTV/Satellite system
  66. How to install PAB-X / Intercom


  1. 101 Marketing strategies
  2. 722 Interesting facts
  3. 1001 best things ever said about work (and the workplace)
  4. A guide for creative thinking
  5. Attitude is everything
  6. How to make great conversation and small talk
  7. Guiding principles of biblical interpretation
  8. Gurus on leadership
  9. Gurus on people management
  10. How the best leaders lead
  11. How to get anyone to say yes in 8 minutes or less (The science of influence)
  12. How to sell yourself
  13. How to speak so people will listen (Tips for better verbal presentations)
  14. Speak like a CEO
  15. Project plan definition (How to write a standard project plan)
  16. How to write a business plan
  17. How to conduct. write a feasibility study/report
  18. How to write a standard business proposal
  19. Strategic planning tune up
  20. The 22 immutable laws of marketing
  21. Why network marketing
  22. Opt-in List building (Driving Traffic back to your site)
  23. Recession Proof (fast Cash strategies)
  24. Resume Writing Secrets (Learning to craft professional resume and find your dream job easily)


    1. 21 Laws of money
    2. 17 things that can stop you Dead in your tracks from creating Lifetime wealth
    3. A journey of inspiration
    4. A year of inspiration
    5. Acres of diamonds (Richest Man)
    6. As a man thinketh
    7. The shocking truth about Action (How and why almost everything youve been taught about how to get what you want in life is stone walling your success.
    8. Beyond the road to Gold
    9. Conversations with millionaires
    10. How to double your way to a million
    11. Get out of the rat race now and start enjoying your life
    12. Goals magic system (You can design your future)
    13. How to turn your ideas into millions
    14. How to double your way into a million
    15. The first 12 issues of inspiration (Empowerment, Personal Growth and Creating better world
    16. Invisible path to success
    17. Keys to personal effectiveness
    18. Laws of success
    19. Manifest your life
    20. Making money, creating wealth: your guide to financial independent
    21. Minds of winners
    22. Motivational inspirational quotes
    23. Personal eco  system: creating systems for automatic success
    24. Power of compounding (the richest man in Babylon)
    25. Power of gratitude
    26. Power of positioning
    27. Science of getting rich
    28. The secret guide to online business
    29. The science of being well
    30. Success quotes (Your ultimate inspirational guide)
    31. Success stories (12 doers share their secrets)
    32. Supercharge your success
    33. The richest man in Babylon
    34. Think and grow rich
    35. Tips for success
    36. You were born rich


  • How To Run All Kinds of Statistical, Econometrics and mathematical analysis using E-view, SPSS, Advanced Excel, Stata, etc. (Both E-books and software are available) NB: We train our prospects/students on this. You can contact us for personal or group training/lecture/tutorial on econometrics and statistical packages.
  • Academic Text Books for Every Department in Tertiary Institution
  • Project Topics and Material
  • We have over 1000 assorted E-books written by world famous and great gospel preachers.