Bulk SMS Marketing Prices

Note That We Deduct Only 1 Unit Of SMS Per Message Of 160 Characters

1 to 5,000 Bulk SMS = N3.00 kobo per units
5000 to 10,000 Bulk SMS = N2.50 kobo per units
10,000 to 25,000 Bulk SMS = N2.40 kobo per units
25000 to 50,000 Bulk SMS = N2.30 kobo per units
50000 to 100,000 Bulk SMS = N2.20 kobo Per units
100,000 to 250,000 Bulk SMS = N2.10 kobo per units
250,000 to 500,000 Bulk SMS = N1.50 kobo per units

Above 500, 000 – Call 08024207231 for prize and discount



Voice SMS

Are you planing to send or broadcast Voice SMS  in Nigeria, we are the leading voice SMS service provider in Nigeria and our prices are affordable see the details below.

Cost per unit

60 sec = N30

45 sec = N25

30 sec = N20

15 sec = N10

Voice SMS broadcast cost per seconds

StarterUpto 10,000 Numbers55kobo per seconds
Silver10,000 To 100,000 Numbers52kobo per seconds
Gold100,000 To 1,000,000 Numbers50kobo per seconds
Diamond1,000,000 To 5,000,000 Numbers45kobo per seconds
Premium5,000,000 To 10,000,000 Numbers40kobo per seconds

Call 08061379390 or 08024207231 for a better discount if you will send to large contacts.

You can record your voice message and we can also record it for you by calling your number so you can make the speech and we save it from our office. Our Voice SMS platform can record your message in your language or dialect and broadcast it to millions of people at once.

We have over 100 million GSM Phone numbers of people living and working in Nigeria grouped by states and local government area you can use, some has names, gender, age, occupation to help you target your audience precisely.

Voice SMS or Robo call is “the” service of the moment. This service is having a very good success in Africa, Asia and America. It takes advantage of the most popular service of mobile network: SMS. Voice SMS offers the same type of service while adding all the richness and emotion of voice.

This days Voice SMS solution allows to offer all the advantages of classical Voice SMS while using the powerful and recognized multi service platform that opens the support of all products for all range of capacities going from some E1 to hundreds of E1.

Voice SMS offers the following behavior:

  • caller calls voice SMS service and leave a message for the called user
  • called user receives either an SMS notification or directly an outcall of voice SMS
  • called user listen to the message and can reply by a simple click on the phone
  • callers can be notified that his message has been heard
  • Attract new customers for the service by offering a service that works in a viral model. Neither receivers don’t need to subscribe to receive a voice SMS nor users don’t need to subscribe to send voice SMS messages.

Call 08061379390 or 08024207231 for details